The KOFF Story

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What is the KOFF label?

The KOFF Label is a Belgian based company that produces durable vegan accessories for your daily needs.

With our clever take on minimizing waste, we introduce the first series that is made of pineapple leaves, for pursuing minimalism and ecology. The whole range of accessories completely consists of agricultural fruit scrap.

Our set of eco-friendly products are all handmade in Portugal.

Maybe we cannot save the environment on our own, but we can stop harming it any further. Every bit helps. 

Materials Used

All our products are handmade with love in Portugal from fully green products. Our Cardholder & Clutch contains Pinatex and Organic Linen. 

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Our mission

"To convince the mainstream masses that things can be done differently. Sustainable fashion accessories handmade with love in Europe, designed to last. "

Jasper Symons - Founder

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Reborn from waste

Our first collections are made out of recycled pineapple leaves, Pinatex. In the future we are looking forward in using different materials.

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Designed to last

In the design process of our products we took the highway or the no-way. Create a product that is durable and is made to last.

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Handmade with love in Europe

Our products are created with love in the heart of the Porto region in Portugal.


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