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Updated: Mar 26

We, The KOFFLabel, are not a mainstream accessory manufacturing company.

Do you consider yourself eco-friendly? Cause we definitely are! The KOFF Label is all about veganism, honesty, and sustainability.

TKL products are handmade and efficiently made of 100% recycled materials ranging from old jeans to recycled pinapple leaves, via used lining. This means no animal leather, a minimized ecological footprint and most importantly, ZERO WASTE.

This brand new label stands for innovation on every possible aspect. We are continuously searching new ways to positively impact our society, and looking for more fruit and vegetable wastes we could benefit from. This way, we can offer you sustainable products created whilst respecting our nature, and having little or no harm done to our environment.

Our ultimate dream at TKL is to realize our biggest passion: creating backpacks that are 100% green. Maybe we cannot save the environment on our own, but we can stop harming it any further. Every hand helps.

As an open-minded company we’d love to hear from you. Please contact if you’d have any questions, ideas, or comments!

The KOFF Label

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