• Jasper Symons

Recycling? Recycling?! Recycling.

Updated: Mar 26

Some thoughts

We'll start at the beginning. The last 200 years we have had a wonderful period, with many (new) evolutions. With these developments that have helped us further, came of course some consequences. Of course at that moment we found them anything but interesting and important. There are plenty of examples, take a quick look at all that junk floating on our oceans. It's up to us now to make sure this doesn't get any further out of hand. We've let it get too far. Every little bit will help to counteract our gigantic disposable society and make people realize that things can be different, different and more beautiful.

We can start by thinking about everything we wear and buy. Wouldn't a hardworking man like to be sure of the origin of his product. How it was made and that it has had no influence on the future of his next of kin.

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